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Take the JCI Scotland National Member's Survey and have your say!

We want to make JCI Scotland a great experience for all our members. Your answers to this survey will help us improve what JCI has to offer and recruit new members.
Which local JCI organisation are you, or were you, a member of? *

Select your local JCI Scotland organisation from the list below.

Which age bracket do you fall into? *

JCI membership is open to anyone aged 18-40. Please select your age bracket from the list below.

What employment sector do you currently work in? *

We know that JCI members come from a wide range of different industries. To help us discover more about our membership base please share your employment sector with us.
How did you hear about JCI? *

People discover JCI through a number of different ways. Please select all those that apply to you.

Why did you choose to join JCI? *

JCI attracts members for a number of different reasons. Select all of those that apply to you.

What have you enjoyed the most out of your JCI experience? *

JCI membership offers a huge range of opportunities and benefits. Which of these have you enjoyed the most?

How can we improve JCI for its members?

We want to help every JCI member to get the most from their membership, so share your suggestions on how we can make your JCI Scotland experience better for you.
How do you keep up-to-date with JCI news and events? *

We want to know how to talk to you! How do you keep up-to-date with what's going on?

Would you recommend joining JCI to others? *

Would you recommend JCI to a friend or colleague? If yes, than why not bring them to the next event so they can see what JCI has to offer.
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Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey - it's instrumental in helping us understand our members more and how we can improve. #BeBetter

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